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Dec. 31, 2017
Letter from the New President, Connie Janney

Dear RRAFA Members,
I hope you all had a safe, happy and healthful Christmas and holiday.
Well, another year begins tomorrow and I know that it will be a better year than 2017. I don’t know about you, but I found 2017 to be very challenging on so many levels. But evens though a new years just means turning a page on the calendar, with the winter solstice it also means a returning of the light. Even though its cold and white outside and we are probably in for more of that, we have spring to look forward to with bright greens and all the colors of flowers, rainbows and hope as the wheel turns once again.

For RRAFA we have many new things to look forward to as well; new programs, new places to show our work, to places and people to share our creativity with.  Chuck is working hard on new programs our first of which is Katie Patterson Larson from Art Salvage. This should  be very interesting and we look forward to working with her in  this new year.

Gina has a new RRAFA challenge and even though she will announce it at the meeting, I’m giving you a heads up now so you can start thinking about it.

Design with ONE color (hue).  Pick a hue (red, orange, yellow green, blue or whatever you like and mix as many variations as you can using black, white, gray, (the compliment-up to grey), and/or either of the adjacent analogous colors.  Example: pick blue and mix various shades and tints using black, white or mix the blue pigment with portions of its compliment-orange-in small amounts so that the color is still recognizable as “blue”, mix the blue with some of the hue next door, like with a little blue-green, or some blue-violet. Choose either the compliment or the analogous mix, not both, in the same piece.
Paint, draw, print, collage, sculpt, sew-whatever-in a “one hue” color scheme and bring it to the February meeting.
Now that is a challenge!

The next challenge will be Collaboration for 2018.  Meet up with a RRAFA member and come up with a cool idea for a collaborative art work, make it and be ready to show it in a spring RRAFA show. 
We will find a place to have a weekend show of our collaborations.
I think these challenges get our year off to a good start. There will be more info on how you all can become involved in helping RRAFA prospers in this new year.

Some of the things we will be working on this year:
• A scholarship fund
• Getting all RRAFA members on the website
• Finding a place for us to do First Friday’s
• Organizing our venues and keeping them up to date on the website.

Some ways for you to get involved:

• We need an assistant to the Treasurer,

• An assistant to the Secretary,

• Meet and greeters; at least one person who will arrive early for the meeting and help Marge with setting up, meet and greet all members and guests and get them to sign in, a name badge and info.


Connie Janney

Artist Showings

Many RRAFA artists are showing at our current RRAFA sponsored venues. Each venue coordinator is responsible for seeing that a quality show is put up and that hanging guidelines, bios, etc. are taken care of. RRAFA members may sign-up for the venues and talk to the coordinators at the meetings.

Some venues are for one month and some for two months. Go to the Shows and Events tab for more information or call/email the Venue Coordinator.

See Venues & Coordinators under Shows/Events/Calendar.  Only Members may show at RRAFA Venues and Members must contact the Venue Coordinator to schedule their art.


If anyone knows of a member who is ill or has passed away, please contact our Sunshine gal JoAnne Henault. You can e-mail her at: Zeldaanne@comcast.net


Our ongoing goal is to  recognize all members on our website.  If you need help contact a Board Member. Even if you, personally, do not have internet access, a Board Member can help get you set up. This is a great opportunity for all members and visitors to the RRAFA website to get to know you and your work. 

We would like an artist statement or bio from all members for the website, along with 4 digital pictures of your work (make sure the images are at least 500 pixels wide - Larger is better.) Let Dana know if you want to include your email address as well as your personal website link.

Check your name on Gallery page to see what we have for you.

NOTE: You must still submit images for the official website.

Email Dana dbree007@mac.com  with bio and images.

Next Meeting

Jan Meeting -10:00 AM Wed., Jan. 24

Sept Meeting -10:00 AM Wed., Sept. 27

We had a Greet and Meet which included showing our art to others at the Sept 27 meeting.  Many showed their art from their smart phone.  Dawn Doutre and Joyce Wilkens each had a beautiful, large piece to share.  They both talked about their paintings.

Click here to see details

July Meeting -10:00 AM Wed., July 26

New & Old Venues for Artist Showings

Today, RRAFA members enjoy exclusive access to multiple venues in the Spokane area, where your work can be seen, appreciated, and purchased! In recent weeks, the RRAFA Board has been discussing whether some of the current venues should be placed on hiatus, because of lack of sales or enough visibility.

This discussion comes at an especially important time, because our president, Denny Carman, has secured several new and promising venues, and he is having discussions about even more opportunities. Frankly, it is doubtful RRAFA can display artwork everywhere on a sustaining basis; therefore, the purpose of this meeting is evaluate our current venue portfolio in order to make informed decisions going forward.

While the meeting is to gather insight from the venue coordinators, as always, everyone is welcome to attend.

RRAFA Fall Show Committee Meeting

Immediately following the Venue Committee meeting, there will be a short meeting for the RRAFA Fall Show Committee. Of course, anyone is welcome to attend, but attendance is especially important for members of the committee. 

June Meeting -10:00 AM Wed., June 28
Guest Speaker
Ellen Picken from Spokane Arts

Ellen and Jennifer will be talking about the Spokane Art Programs and Grant Programs. Denny Carman set this up because Spokane Arts has a lot of opportunities for Artists and their Grant Programs are a great help to Artists and Art Organizations.  It should be very informative.   Meeting starts at 10 am at Spokane Art Supply

April Meeting -10:00 AM Wed., April 26
Guest Speaker - Stan Miller, Award-Winning Watercolor Artist

RRAFA members were thrilled to have international watercolor artist Stan Miller as the guest speaker at our April 26th general meeting at SAS. Stan shared his philosophies, teaching experiences and insightful stories of his own work preferences with us. He also brought examples of his earliest works and, in one hour, created a landscape painting from one of his photos, giving us tips on design, composition and technique as he worked.


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March Meeting

There was a brief informal presentation on art display methods by Ginny Brennan followed by suggestions from Neil Mackenzie on framing, and Nancy Huck on displaying fiber art. Other members displayed some of their art.

  To pause slide show, click on main image.

facebookFACEBOOK: We have a lot of contributions to our facebook group page at River Ridge Assoc of Fine Arts Spokane. It is a site that all of you can use to post shows, info, pictures of new work or info you want to share with the group.



Connie Janney
Gina Hoefler, Helper

Chuck Harmon

Nancy Huck

Fred Hoefler



Denny Carman

Marge Mero

Chuck Harmon

Pennie Woods

Viola Unger

JoAnne Henault

Larry Bergman

Dana Bree


Mailing address:
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