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July, 2018
Greetings Fellow Artists

The Barrister Winery Show was better than expected!  Thanks to all of you who participated in this great venue.  First Friday was a great success with many of our members present and a full house with the public. We received many compliments about the work and our organization and I feel that we will be asked back.  The public that came for First Friday really paid attention to the art and looked at all the pieces.  Gary Ratcliff and Larry Bergman both sold pieces so far.

Gary Ratzlaff sold one of his photos, He's standing with the buyer and the photo of the eagle that she purchased.


The Art Fair at Origin Church was very fun.  Good food and good company.  Thanks to all who participated in that event.

Collaboration Show at Downtown Library was also a success with many favorable comments.  We had good participation from RRAFA which included several of our new members.

At our last meeting the program was to bring a piece of art you own from another artist. Chuck calles this OPA (other peoples art.) I really enjoyed this program and hope we do this again.

Other news:  Gina and I have decided not to participate in the Garland Street Mural Project.  There are several reasons for this, mostly we just need to take a break.  We have had a very busy year so far and more coming up in September and October.  If anyone is interested to persuing this project this year, please let me know if you want this to be a RRAFA sponsored event done by RRAFA artists.  They would like this done by the first week in August.

Our next event is the RRAFA picnic which will be on August 22 (Wednesday) at Dan Mollenhaur’s place just off Bigelow Gulch.   RRAFA members will receive an email with the address. This is a beautiful place for a picnic with plenty of shade, swimming available, a BBQ.  RRAFA will supply some meat to BBQ but it is a potluck so please bring something to share.  I always like to remind people to bring some art to share and you can do plein air painting as well.  I hope many of you can make it.

Art on the Avenue is a big art event on Sprague the end of September. We will have a canopy and table and will set up our grids. More info will be forthcoming.

October JURIED Show.  I hope everyone is working on new pieces for out October show.  More info about this show is here on the website with the prospectus and entry form.

Our next meeting is September 26th. I’m not sure what the program but I believe we will have a workshop about how to prepare your work for shows.  Many of us can use a refresher on this but it should be fun and interesting.

I hope everyone has a great summer filled with sun, fun and art.

Connie Janney
(With Gina Hoefler)

Artist Showings

Many RRAFA artists are showing at our current RRAFA sponsored venues. Each venue coordinator is responsible for seeing that a quality show is put up and that hanging guidelines, bios, etc. are taken care of. RRAFA members may sign-up for the venues and talk to the coordinators at the meetings.


Our ongoing goal is to  recognize all members on our website.  If you need help contact a Board Member. Even if you, personally, do not have internet access, a Board Member can help get you set up. This is a great opportunity for all members and visitors to the RRAFA website to get to know you and your work. 

We would like an artist statement or bio from all members for the website, along with 4 digital pictures of your work (make sure the images are at least 500 pixels wide - Larger is better.) Let Dana know if you want to include your email address as well as your personal website link.

Check your name on Gallery page to see what we have for you.

NOTE: You must still submit images for the official website.

Email Dana dbree007@mac.com  with bio and images.


Next Meeting

September Meeting -10:00 AM Wed., Sept 26th

RRAFA Summer Picnic - Aug 22nd

Emails will be sent to members with details.

RRAFA Fall Art Show

   Click on links below for information

  - Information Flyer

  - Entry Form

  Don't Delay

  Click on poster for pdf

Coming Up

JULY: An “art activity fair” is being planned for Origins Church

AUGUST: RRAFA Picnic and art fair

SEPTEMBER: RRAFA Annual Juried Show entries due

OCTOBER: RRAFA Annual Juried Show

NOVEMBER: RRAFA Board nominations/election for 2019

DECEMBER: RRAFA Annual Holiday Party

Highlights from June Meeting

June meeting program was to feature new artists and art that we had purchased from another artist.

Highlights from the Art Fair

Highlights from May Meeting

Member Darrell Wilcox shared tips for painting that he uses with his students. and Gloria Whitley showed her art as a new member.

Highlights from Winter and Spring Meetings

Art Salvage Reps came in January. Art Salvage is Spokane's first creative re-use nonprofit organization. RRAFA members will donate their unused or gently used supplies to Art Salvage.

Dean Cameron came in March to highlight how his new "Art Chowder" magazine can assist artists in publicity.

Chuck Harmon and Connie Janney helped new member, Betty Gassert show samples of her art.

Spokane has a variety of learning opportunities. RRAFA member, Nancy Huck, told about some of the opportunities available for little cost through the community college.


facebookFACEBOOK: We have a lot of contributions to our facebook group page at River Ridge Assoc of Fine Arts Spokane. It is a site that all of you can use to post shows, info, pictures of new work or info you want to share with the group.


If anyone knows of a member who is ill or has passed away, please contact our Sunshine gal JoAnne Henault. You can e-mail her at: Zeldaanne@comcast.net




Connie Janney
Gina Hoefler, Assistant

Chuck Harmon

Nancy Huck

Fred Hoefler


Dan Cronyn
Jennene Reagor



Denny Carman (Past President)

Marge Mero

Larry Bergman

Chuck Harmon

Pennie Woods

Viola Unger

JoAnne Henault


Dana Bree


Mailing address:
River Ridge
Association of Fine Arts
PO Box 4153
Spokane WA 99220

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