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March Meeting

There was a brief informal presentation on art display methods by Ginny Brennan followed by suggestions from Neil Mackenzie on framing, and Nancy Huck on displaying fiber art. Other members displayed some of their art.

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New Board Sworn In

RRAFA's new board of directors for 2017 was sworn in on January 25. From left to right are Ginny Brennan – Board Member at Large, Fred Hoefler –Treasurer, Richy Sharshan – Secretary, Dan Cronyn – Vice President, and Denny Carman – President. Also continuing on this year's board are Gina Hoefler – Past President and Nancy Huck – Board Member at Large.

Our new President, Denny Carman, stepped up to the plate for his first meeting as President. He thanked the outgoing Board and is ready to take the reins to do everything possible to have RRAFA a group that gets things done. Denny is a Facebook user, so go to our Facebook page and you will see his frequent posts. He loves art! So hang on, it will be a great new year.

Below is a photo of the Outgoing Board for 2016. They encouraged new members and kept everyone inspired with excellent programs and venues to show/sell their work.


Crosswalk, Spokane, WAAndrew Hauan at Crosswalk happily accepts our gifts to their art program. He says they will buy more watercolors, brushes, etc. for the young people at the shelter to use. Being able to express themselves with art is a valuable activity and one that RRAFA members are glad to be able to support.




Artist Showings

Many RRAFA artists are showing at our current RRAFA sponsored venues. Each venue coordinator is responsible for seeing that a quality show is put up and that hanging guidelines, bios, etc. are taken care of. RRAFA members may sign-up for the venues and talk to the coordinators at the meetings.

Some venues are for one month and some for two months. Go to the Shows and Events tab for more information or call/email the Venue Coordinator.

DAN CRONYN is the Venue Chairperson and will coordinate guidelines with the Venue Coordinators.

See Venues & Coordinators under Shows/Events/Calendar.  Only Members may show at RRAFA Venues and Members must contact the Venue Coordinator to schedule their art.


PROGRAM FOR March 22 MEETING: 10:00 AM at Spokane Art Supply - 1303 N. Monroe, Spokane

WORKSHOP – Preparing Art for Display

Join us for a helpful workshop on how to prepare your art for shows or displaying anywhere. We'll cover topics like matting, framing, hanging materials, glass VS plexi and ideas for when nails aren't allowed. Learn how to display all types of art, including fiber art and other 3D works, to the best advantage. If you have a piece you'd like advice on, please bring it to the meeting. Members are also invited to share any tricks or tips they use.  ...Helen Parsons, Programs

Please support Spokane Art Supply by purchasing your supplies from them. Don’t forget that RRAFA members get 10% off on most items, so let them know that you are a member. You receive 20% off on meeting days.


Our ongoing goal is to  recognize all members on our website.  If you need help contact a Board Member. Even if you, personally, do not have internet access, a Board Member can help get you set up. This is a great opportunity for all members and visitors to the RRAFA website to get to know you and your work. 

We would like an artist statement or bio from all members for the website, along with 4 digital pictures of your work (make sure the images are at least 500 pixels wide - Larger is better.) Let Dana know if you want to include your email address as well as your personal website link.

Check your name on Gallery page to see what we have for you.

NOTE: You must still submit images for the official website.

Email Dana dbree007@mac.com  with bio and images.


facebookFACEBOOK: We have a lot of contributions to our facebook group page at River Ridge Assoc of Fine Arts Spokane. It is a site that all of you can use to post shows, info, pictures of new work or info you want to share with the group.

April Meeting - 10:00 AM Wed., April 26
Spokane Art Supply

Guest Speaker
Stan Miller, Award-Winning Watercolor Artist

February Meeting - Art & Friends

James Barrett (special guest)

After over 20 years in the music industry, James Barrett has found a second life in creating whimsical sculpture from expertly curated found-object metal and electronic equipment. Each creation comes magically alive as he painstakingly assembles figures from his robots series out of items like vintage cameras and old fire alarm boxes. Reminding us of childhood days gone by when we could easily see elephants in the clouds, James' work challenges us to look at everyday objects with boundless wonder and imagination.

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"I love creating art from discarded items that we see no use for anymore, bringing them back to life, and the joy on people's faces when they see something out of these items," says James.

An avid world traveler, he finds inspiration from the flea markets in London to tiny unknown antique shops in small town America. With a loyal following, his work is collected locally and internationally. His happiest days are tinkering in his cozy Spokane, Washington home studio.

— Helen Parsons, RRAFA Program Director

A good turnout on a midwinter's day to enjoy speaker James Barrett's presentation, share new works of art and mingle.


January Meeting

Show & Tell


 For our program at the general meeting on January 25th at Spokane Art Supply, members shared some of their latest works and old favorites.

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If anyone knows of a member who is ill or has passed away, please contact our Sunshine gal JoAnne Henault. You can e-mail her at: Zeldaanne@comcast.net



Denny Carman

Dan Cronyn

Richy Sharshan

Fred Hoefler

Gina Hoefler


Nancy Huck
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Board of Directors

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