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Feb, 2018
Greetings and Happy February

Dear RRAFA Members,
Our January meeting was very interesting.  We have so much business that we have to find ways to shorten  so we aren’t all bored and have time for our programs.  Thanks to Chuck for arranging the program with Art Salvage. Art Salvage is Spokane’s first creative reuse organization. It is a non profit organization where you can donate your unwanted or lightly used art supplies (and more) and purchase unique creative supplies.  They also have classes in how to use some of their supplies and how to do upcycle crafts.  RRAFA will be helping this worthy cause by having a box available at each general meeting for all members to donate the things they wish to pass along to others, saving you the journey to their store (which won’t be open until April.)

I had written a recap of our last meeting but it made this too long so if you want to know what happened please read the minutes.

Please bring the pieces you have done for the RRAFA challenge to the Feb. meeting.  To refresh your memory see the description below.

The next challenge will be Collaboration for 2018.  Meet up with a RRAFA member and come up with a cool idea for a collaborative art work, make it and be ready to show it in a spring RRAFA show. 
We will find a place to have a weekend show of our collaborations.
I think these challenges get our year off to a good start. There will be more info on how you all can become involved in helping RRAFA prospers in this new year.

Denny has signed RRAFA up to show at the downtown library for the month of June.  This is a great opportunity for us to have a show for free downtown. Again, if you are interested in helping with this event let me know.  We will have a First Friday reception for this show.  I don’t see it as a juried show but a chance for RRAFA to show what great artists we have in our organization. More about this at the Feb. meeting.



Sticks and Dreams

is having a juried show with no submission fees but some good prizes.  Please see their facebook page for more info.  I’m sure we will have some info at the next meeting as well.

We will be starting the videos of some of our members demonstrating their art techniques very soon.  Please let me know if you would like to do this.  We will get our own YouTube page and this will be listed on our website and go directly to the videos.  This is a great opportunity to share our work with others and encourage others to maybe try something they haven’t tried before (and maybe join our organization.

If any of you are showing at non RRAFA events and would like our members to know about it, please contact me by the last day of the month and I will get it on our news page for the next month. Also if you have something you want to share at the meetings, let me know ahead of time so I can put you on the agenda.

Connie Janney



Our ongoing goal is to  recognize all members on our website.  If you need help contact a Board Member. Even if you, personally, do not have internet access, a Board Member can help get you set up. This is a great opportunity for all members and visitors to the RRAFA website to get to know you and your work. 

We would like an artist statement or bio from all members for the website, along with 4 digital pictures of your work (make sure the images are at least 500 pixels wide - Larger is better.) Let Dana know if you want to include your email address as well as your personal website link.

Check your name on Gallery page to see what we have for you.

NOTE: You must still submit images for the official website.

Email Dana dbree007@mac.com  with bio and images.


Next Meeting

March Meeting -10:00 AM Wed., March. 28

Coming Up

Due at the MARCH general membership meeting: RRAFA Group Collaboration for the Global Art for Peace Project. Create a 2D art piece (approx. 8.5” x 11”) on the subject of “peace”; what does peace look like? How can we promote peace? Multi-cultural understanding? Etc. Connie and Gina will assemble the art pieces into an “accordion book” for submission to the GAPP. Another art piece will be sent back to us from another participant.

Due at the APRIL general membership meeting: RRAFA Members Collaboration. Any and all RRAFA members can prepare part of an art piece – a themed collaboration about the “many different flowers in one garden”. The art pieces will be exhibited in the “RRAFA Collaborations” Show scheduled at the downtown library for the month of June. Artists can make any kind of flower in any 2D medium and style, 6” X 8” in size. The flowers will be cut out and assembled into a garden montage.

Due at the MAY general membership meeting: “Two +” collaborations for the “RRAFA Collaborations” Show. Any two or more RRAFA members can get together and create a piece of art using their combined skills, talent and ideas. The art pieces will be exhibited in the “RRAFA Collaborations” Show scheduled at the downtown library for the month of June.

To be completed in JUNE: Wall Mural Collaboration. Collaborate with Gina on a wall mural to be painted in the Garland district inspired by the film, Changing the World, One Wall at a Time. The group is already meeting and working on logistics. Contact Gina Hoefler if you would like to participate.

JULY: An “art activity fair” is being planned for Origins Church

AUGUST: RRAFA Picnic and art fair

SEPTEMBER: RRAFA Annual Juried Show entries due

OCTOBER: RRAFA Annual Juried Show

NOVEMBER: RRAFA Board nominations/election for 2019

DECEMBER: RRAFA Annual Holiday Party


facebookFACEBOOK: We have a lot of contributions to our facebook group page at River Ridge Assoc of Fine Arts Spokane. It is a site that all of you can use to post shows, info, pictures of new work or info you want to share with the group.


If anyone knows of a member who is ill or has passed away, please contact our Sunshine gal JoAnne Henault. You can e-mail her at: Zeldaanne@comcast.net

Artist Showings

Many RRAFA artists are showing at our current RRAFA sponsored venues. Each venue coordinator is responsible for seeing that a quality show is put up and that hanging guidelines, bios, etc. are taken care of. RRAFA members may sign-up for the venues and talk to the coordinators at the meetings.

Some venues are for one month and some for two months. Go to the Venues and Events tab for more information or call/email the Venue Coordinator.

See Venues & Coordinators under Shows/Events/Calendar.  Only Members may show at RRAFA Venues and Members must contact the Venue Coordinator to schedule their art.






Connie Janney
Gina Hoefler, Assistant

Chuck Harmon

Nancy Huck

Fred Hoefler


Dan Cronyn
Jennene Reagor



Denny Carman (Past President)

Marge Mero

Larry Bergman

Chuck Harmon

Pennie Woods

Viola Unger

JoAnne Henault


Dana Bree


Mailing address:
River Ridge
Association of Fine Arts
PO Box 4153
Spokane WA 99220

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