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Greetings and Happy Summer

Happy Summer. I personally hope it doesn’t get too hot here.
I have received many entry forms for the July show at Avenue West.  Thanks to all that sent them in. We will be taking the art over to Avenue West after the meeting on Wednesday (June 26). I think it will be a fun show.

Remember that the reception is on Friday July 12 at 5 pm. Please bring some kind of finger food and invite your friends and family.

Since we will not have another meeting until September, we will announce the winners at the reception and if the recipients are there we will give them their prizes.  If not, their prize will be mailed.  Winners will be put up on the website and on our Facebook page.  People’s Choice winner will be announced after the show ends July 31st.   Please stop in and vote for your favorite.

We will have a picnic in August with details to be announced hopefully by the middle of July.  It is tentatively set for August 28th at a park.

Chuck Harmon has invited Allison Smith to our June 26th meeting to talk about social media and a class on Instagram she will have at the New Moon Gallery on July 10th at 10am. She can’t speak for very long because she has to get back to her job but those interested can attend her class.
Since we don’t have a presenter for this meeting we can discuss the pieces we have entered in the show as a kind of show & tell.

I hope everyone has a great summer filled with lots of art.

Connie Janney

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You are invited to the meet the artist reception & to vote for the People's Choice award

Artist Showings

RRAFA members have sold several pieces of their art at the RRAFA venues around town.  Congratulations!

Many RRAFA artists are showing at our current RRAFA sponsored venues. Each venue coordinator is responsible for seeing that a quality show is put up and that hanging guidelines, bios, etc. are taken care of. RRAFA members may sign-up for the venues and talk to the coordinators at the meetings.


Our ongoing goal is to  recognize all members on our website.  If you need help contact a Board Member. Even if you, personally, do not have internet access, a Board Member can help get you set up. This is a great opportunity for all members and visitors to the RRAFA website to get to know you and your work. 

We would like an artist statement or bio from all members for the website, along with 4 digital pictures of your work (make sure the images are at least 500 pixels wide - Larger is better.) Let Dana know if you want to include your email address as well as your personal website link.

Check your name on artist page to see what we have for you.

NOTE: You must still submit images for the official website.

Email Dana dbree007@mac.com  with bio and images.



We have a lot of contributions to our facebook group page at River Ridge Assoc of Fine Arts Spokane. It is a site that all of you can use to post shows, info, pictures of new work or info you want to share with the group.



If anyone knows of a member who is ill or has passed away, please contact our Sunshine gal JoAnne Henault. You can e-mail her at: Zeldaanne@comcast.net


Next Meeting September 25th

Picnic Time

We chose a lovely day at our beautiful Manito Park in Spokane for our annual picnic.  Thanks to Ellen Blaschke for heading up the picnic committee.  They did a great job getting the picnic shelter all set up and ready so all members had to do was bring their potluck item and eat.  The choices of food were excellent.  

It is an ideal park for photography and plein air painting, but our group was happy eating and visiting.  

Brenda Doggett told everyone to read the prospectus received via email and passed out flyers for the Annual Fall Show at Spokane Gallery.  She encouraged everyone to invite friends and family to the artist reception on October 11th from 5 – 8pm.  

There were 23 members and guests but not all at the same time.  The photo is just a few.  (Left tables: Ed Bower, Gary Ratzlaff, Brenda Doggett, Ling Bower, Gina Corkery; Right tables: Gabriel (Brandy Seistrup's son), Ellen Blaschke, Reho Barron with Betty Gassert almost visible, Gina Hoefler, Connie Janney, Helen Hansen, and Bernice Janney.  Photos by Marge Mero.

Hopefully, those that came drove around to see the Duncan Gardens before they left.

Highlights from Ave. West Gallery
Juried Show

RRAFA members and guests had a fun evening July 12th as they socialized with art surrounding them at the gallery. The reception was well advertised, so people were coming and going all evening. Avenue West Gallery members were there to help guide guests and converse with artists.

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of cash prizes. Avenue West had provided the judges and they picked a variety of art and mediums to recognize. Betty Gassert won First Place with an acrylic painting, Fred Hoefler won Secon Place with a photograph, and Ken Smith won Third Place with pen and ink.

The judges also chose four honorable mentions. These were also a variety of techniques. Helen Hansen won with her acrylic painting, Gina Jackson with a watercolor, Connie Janney with acrylic/mixed media, and Marge Mero with an alcohol ink piece. Marge Mero’s “Here’s My Heart” won People's Choice.


Highlights from June 26th General Meeting


Highlights from May 22nd General Meeting

Craig Marshall, Spokane Art Supply, brought in a cart of new art supplies to show us.  They now have a great variety of journals and more markers.  He showed a chart with some of the criteria for markers.

Aaron Smith gave more detail for grisaille painting and members brought theirs to show.  Gina Hoefler's is on the table by Aaron.  Connie Janney, Connie Hickman and Amy Conner along with Marge Mero (no photo) and Bernice Janney (no photo) showed theirs.  Next month, they should return with color added.  (The three single grisaille photos are: Connie Janney-stencil, Connie Hickman-building, Amy Conner-water)

Show and Tell by various members.


Connie Janney

Gina Hoefler

Helen Hansen 

Fred Hoefler

Dan Cronyn
Pat Sanders


Connie Hickman

Larry Bergman

Gina Jackson

Gina Hoefler


Ken Smith with others


JoAnne Henault

Marge Mero

Dana Bree

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