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The Mandala Experience



If you are interested in information on The Mandala Experience please contact Connie at conniejanney14@gmail.com

The word mandala comes from ancient Sanskrit and is loosely translated as ‘circle.’  The circle is an archetypal symbol used throughout human history in every culture and civilization on our earth.  The circle represents many things; it represents the whole of our individual selves with the outer part of the circle the outer world or our human reality, and it as you go towards the center of the circle you get closer to your true self or spirit. The circle also represents the circle of life in all its manifestations from the seasons of the year to our life cycle of birth to death or transformation.
The Tibetan Buddhists use mandalas in sacred ceremonies. Using colored grains of  sand and special metal instruments, they create very detailed symbolic mandalas.  It can take days for several monks to finish a mandala and when they are done the mandala is swept up and the sand taken to the nearest body of water and released there.  These ceremonies are to show the impermanence of all the material world.

The First Nation People or Native Americans use the medicine wheel as a form of mandala.  They also create their medicine wheels using colored sand at times and these mandalas are used in healing. They also use the symbols of their culture in their medicine wheels.  Sometimes these medicine wheels are installation on the earth created by many people and used in ceremonies for the healing of the earth.

The Mandala Experience facilitates workshops and groups that gather to either color prepared templates or to share spiritual experience in the creation of individual mandalas.

Connie Janney is the coordinator of this project and she also trains interested individuals in starting their own groups.  Connie believes in the healing power of creativity, especially when using mandalas.  The benefits of coloring the mandalas are many and include a sense of peace, a lessening of stress and the feelings of accomplishment in creating something beautiful even if you have never done art before or think you can’t do art.

We have groups in some retirement communities that are very well attended and the people really enjoy spending the time coloring.  Because the mandalas are usually design patterns, coloring them use both the left and right brain.

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