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Artist of the Month - Randy Haa

Check out the beautiful collaborations
From the latest Art Challenge.

Randy Haa

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My background in oil painting and working as a landscape designer was the artist part of me for 30 years.  In about 1998 I took a fused glass class and made a cute bowl.  It was not until 2005 that a friend of mine asked me to go to a Portland art studio to make fused glass Christmas ornaments. This is when I fell in love with this medium of art...

I take great pleasure in watching people run their fingers over my work as they respond to the energy and vibrant colors... Read more...



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Mary Ahmad Mary Ahmad
Robin Alexander Robin Alexander
Diane Allison art Dian Allison
Marilyn Anderson Marilyn Anderson
Christina Marie Bennett Christina Marie Bennett
Larry Bergman ink drawings Larry Bergman
Deborah Blahuczyn Deborah Blahuczyn
Ellen Blaschke art Ellen Blaschke
Ling Bower Ling Luo Bower
Elise Bozzo Elise Bozzo
Dana Bree dream art Dana Bree
Ginny Brennan watercolors Ginny Brennan
Dinah Carlson Dinah Carlson
Denny Carmen Denny Carman
Mary Caruso Mary Caruso
Janet Contreras Janet Contreras
Gina Corkery art Gina Corkery
Carol Cossette paintings Carole Cossette
Dan Cronyn art Daniel Cronyn
Chuck Davidson Chuck Davidson
Mike DeCesare photography Mike DeCesare
Dawn Doutre Dawn Doutre
Charity Doyl Charity Doyl
Tracy Dupois Roland Tracy Dupuis Roland
Jan Eberley paintings Jan Eberley
Pat Flaherty Pat Flaherty
Suzanne Fleming Suzanne Fleming
Carol Grabowski Carol Grabowski
Joy Gruenewald artist Joy Gruenewald
Randy Haa Randy Haa
Helen Hansen Helen Hansen
Deb Harder Deb Harder
Chuck Harmon Chuck harmon
Karen Harwood Karen Harwood
Ann Haseman Ann Haseman
Christina Haynes Christina Haynes
JoAnne Henault  art JoAnne Henault
Connie Hickman Connie Hickman
Carley Rae Hippauf Carley Rae Hippauf
Gina Hoefler art Gina Hoefler
Fred Hoefler photography Fred Hoefler
Vaughan Hoefler pottery Vaughan Hoefler
Nancy Burney Huck artist Nancy Huck
Nancy Reid Isaak Nancy Reid Isaak
Gina Jackson Gina Jackson
Bernice Janney art Bernice Janney
Connie Janney art Connie Janney
Robert Karr art Robert Karr
Anne Marie King Anne Marie King
Lorraine Krank art Lorraine Krank
Karen Liere art Karen Liere
Janet Lytle Janet Lytle
Neil Mackenzie Neil Mackenzie
Worth Martin artist Worth Martin
Marge Mero art Marge Mero
Dan Mollenhauer Dan Mollenhauer
Kevin Montgomery Kevin Montgomery
Betty Monthei Betty Monthei
Micki Murdoch Micki Murdoch
Elizabeth Nave Elizabeth Nave
Dixie Olsen Dixie Olsen
Kathleen Olson Kathleen Olson
Helen Parsons fiber art Helen Parsons
Marsha Plager Marsha Plager
Gary Ratzlaff Gary Ratzlaff
Jennene Reagor painted stones Jennene Reagor
Pat Sanders Pat Sanders
Richy Sharshan art Richy Sharshan
Kenneth Smith Kenneth Smith
Jeanne Williams Spindler art Jeanne Spindler
Altari Sunra Peterson Altari Sunra Peterson
Rebecca Tifft artist Rebecca Tifft
Cameo Townsend Cameo Townsend
Viola Unger art Viola Unger
A. Maren Wands Maren Wands
Kay West artist Kay West
Darrell Wilcox Darrell Wilcox
Joyce Wilkens artist Joyce Wilkens
Peace Wilkinson Peace Wilkinson
Pennie Woods watercolors Pennie Woods
Honorary Members
Reho Barron art Reho Barron
Ethelynn Coleman Ethelynn Coleman
Irene Dahl artist Irene Dahl
Mieke Lehn Mieke Lehn
Emma Randolph Emma Randolph
Don Smith Don Smith
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