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Art Classes and Workshops


Spokane Art Supply Classes & Workshops

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2017 Schedule of Library Workshops

March 6 – Mono-printing, 6 - 7:30pm
April 3 – Stamp Printing, 6 - 7:30pm
May 30 –Mini-Collage, 6 - 7:30pm

March 11 – Create Your Own Mandala, 3:00
April 15 – Mini-Collage, 3:00pm
May 13 – Stamp Printing, 3:00pm
June 10 – Paste Paper, 3:00pm
July 8 – Nature Weavings, 3:00pm
Aug 12 – Handmade Books, 3:00pm
Sept 16 – Paper Weaving, 3:00pm
Oct 14 – Monoprinting, 3:00pm
Nov 11 – Mini-Collage, 3:00pm
Dec 9 – Watercolor Cards, 3:00pm


River Ridge Association of Fine Arts Supports Community Outreach

Talented artists from RRAFA present workshops at the Spokane Libraries teaching classes of interest to our community. The Library contracts with RRAFA for this service.

If any RRAFA member would like to participate in the program, please email Connie Janney at conniejanney14@gmail.com or Gina Hoefler at gina@photographic-perspectives.com

“RRAFA members share art experiences with people of all ages at local libraries."

2017 Schedule of Library Workshops:

South Hill Library March 6– Monoprinting Class

RRAFA members Connie Janney and Gina Hoefler held an art program at the South Hill library on Monday, March 6. The group learned a process called “mono-printing” using gelatin plates and other techniques. There were about 12 participants, children & adults, and all seemed to be having a good time!

Shadle Library with Connie Janney teaching monoprinting

Shadle Library Feb 11 – Monoprinting Class

Connie Janney teaching a workshop on monoprints using gelli-plate printing at Shadle Library on February 11. There were a couple of grade school participants who really enjoyed the process as did the older participants. The room of about 20 participants was full of smiles and laughter as Connie worked her magic with the group. (photos by Marge Mero)
The Library workshops are totally free to participants. All materials are provided by the RRAFA instructor.

Shadle Library with Connie Janney teaching monoprinting

Shadle Library with Connie Janney teaching monoprinting

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