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Susan Jutila-Walde   Stained Glass




Susan Jutila-Walde

As a stained glass artist, I spend my days in my home studio working with sheets of glass, experimenting with designs.  Art and creativity bring daily purpose, new experiences and new inspirations.  I received a BFA degree in Visual Arts in 1993 from EWU, emphasizing mixed media painting and sculptural ceramics. Subsequently, I deferred my art aspirations for a number of years to help raise my two sons. 

I started working in glass as a hobby in 2010.  I mainly work small, most of the pieces I make are under 20 inches.  My artistic intent is always evolving, but I am consistent with my interest in color, line, texture, form, light.  I create window/wall panels, table top panels, light boxes, candle surrounds and night lights.  

I hope my end product spreads light, color, and moments of reflection into the lives of those who view my pieces of glass art.

Susan Jutila-Walde

Website: www.sujuglassart.com/

ETSY store:  SujuGlassArt

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