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Reho Barron -Artist

cabin cabin cabin church on hill cabin cabin
cabin pastel sea still life      

Reho BarronI usually have my camera with me where ever I go and work in whatever medium I like the best at the time.

I work in oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, china paint, charcoal and pencil. I've taken classes from Stan Miller, Sue Rohrback, Shirley Bird Wright, Don Ealey, Del Gish, Florence Klobucher, Jean Toone and Joe Kronenberg, all local artists.

I was Social Activities Director of the Spokane Club for 30 years and hired famous artists to give lessons to the club members and friends. We had Warren Brandon, from San Francisco and Merlin Enabnit who has a Foster Book with his painting technique in palette knife.

I enjoy many subjects to paint, people, landscapes, dogs, old buildings, skies and just about anything else.

I just love to paint.

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