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Neil Mackenzie - Painting & Mixed Media  



Neil Mackenzie Neil Mackenzie Neil Mackenzie Neil Mackenzie Neil Mackenzie

Neil Mackenzie

I was born and raised in Western Montana. I grew up on my Grandfather's homestead in the mission valley North of Missoula.

I had an idyllic childhood in a beautiful place.  My father was an untrained artist, I copied what he did and thought everyone knew how to draw.  When I went to school I discovered that very few knew how to draw.  My school was small and rural with no Art training so I took art correspondence courses from Minneapolis.  I got a BA from a small teacher's college in Montana and taught Art and Social Studies for a few years in Washington and Montana. 

I left teaching and worked for the U.S. Immigration Service for 20 years.  Then I sold art supplies in a retail setting and ran a framing shop in Palm Springs, California.

Now, totally retired I live with my Son.  We have a large shop where I paint rural  landscapes, fantasy and science fiction in acrylics.I also construct mixed media sculptures of fantasy weapons and steampunk flying airships.


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