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Jan Eberley - Painter  



Janice Eberley - Koi painting Janice Eberley art Janice Eberley art Janice Eberley art Janice Eberley art Janice Eberley art
Janice Eberley art Janice Eberley - painting        
Janice Eberley art

Bringing the beauty of nature to the eye of the viewer is my goal.  Art is given to the world that one might see in new ways.

I received a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University and after working as both a hospital chaplain and pastoral associate in Seattle and as a chaplain in Spokane, I pursued art in retirement.  I have no formal training in art, but have diligently studied under various teachers in the Spokane area.  Self taught in many areas of art I paint with passion and desire.

My pursuit of art began ten years ago, when I studied Byzantine Art and icon writing.  I learned to paint slowly and methodically, seeking to elicit a deeper understanding in the heart of my viewers. 

My favorite art form today is a loose impressionist style that strives to transform the common place, into a stimulating emotional experience.  I love everything about painting; the smell of paint, the feel of pastels, the sweep of the brush and the anticipation that accompanies each new creation.  I work in watercolor, oil, pastels and acrylics. 

I also still pursue iconography and have recently written an icon of St. Michael the Archangel with egg tempura in a group at the Immaculate Heart Retreat House.  My icons are kept in my home as special treasures.  The iconographer does not sign her name on the icon or take credit for her work but signs on the back “Through the hand of Janice Eberley.”

Each art form and iconic treasure stimulates my heart and opens new doors for me and a deeper understanding in a complex world where all of life seeks to love and be loved.  It is my hope that my work might bring forth a sense of contemplative reality and peace to all who long for wholeness.

Janice Eberley
Artist and Iconographer

email: janron5@comcast.net

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