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Gina Corkery - Water Color / Mixed Media 

Gina Corkery watercolors Gina Corkery watercolors Gina Corkery watercolors  
Gina Corkery watercolors

Gina Corkery puts her heart and soul into her watercolor/mixed media pieces. Her theme is spiritual/mystical art. A watercolor wash is the backdrop of her pieces. Light/dark and dimension is then worked with. Each piece arrives to her delight and joy - that can be seen and felt by others.

In the tradition of the Native Americans, and many cultures - a particular flower or animal or bird that presents itself is a sign and a message deserving of acknowledgment and attention. When Gina's piece mysteriously arrives (like the Dove) she researches it for historical and cultural significance as a symbol. Each of her pieces includes this research/artist's statement.

Gina is a dedicated healthcare professional that hopes to bring a sense of joy, wonder, and appreciation for our lives,our loved ones, our animals and our environment through her pieces. She wants her art to be known as "healing art."

She "has art will travel!"

My pieces, "Dove Totem," "Illuminata-the Jellyfish," "Turtle Totem," and "Starfish and Rockfish" are beautifully framed and need homes! These pieces are available at "United Way Offices" located at Washington St. and Cataldo St., Spokane, WA.

For inquiries on her many vibrant pieces, contact:

Gina Corkery
(509) 389-2105

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