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Connie Janney -Collage/Drawing/Painting 

  connie janney

I have worked in many mediums including oils, bronze sculptures and jewelry, large plaster sculptures, paper mache’, and gold and silver in jewelry making. I was a jewelry designer and goldsmith for many years and colored stones were my color pallet.

My current work evolved from my design drawings using various markers and pens that I do just for fun.  I started by using tessellations as shapes and playing with cutting the shapes out of my drawings and using them in collage.  I love doing the abstracts just for the fun of putting color, shapes and textures together, but I have always loved the shapes and colors of fish and birds especially Japanese cranes, so it isn’t surprising that my first subjects with my new techniques are fish and cranes.

Folk art is also something that I have always loved because of the symbolism, bright colors and whimsy; consequently, I think my work has a folk art look and feel.

My goal is not to try and recreate nature but to create the spirit of nature as it manifests through my creative energy. I believe in infinite possibilities and think of my work as joyful, whimsical, and fun. My hope is that others find joy and fun as well.


No use of any kind without the permission of the artist is allowed.


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