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Connie Hickman - Painter  





Alice HarmonFrom childhood I have had a passion for applying pencil, pen, ink, or paint to paper, canvas or any surface available…..  Eventually that passion led me to pursuing and earning my BA in Art from Gonzaga University where I studied drawing and oil painting with Bob Gilmore and ceramics with Terry Gieber.  Other teachers and influences through the years included Elaine Holland and Charles Palmer through the Spokane School of Art. 

Favorite subjects include sunlit trees, sunlit fields, sunlit mountains….. sunlit anything actually, and moonlit nights as well. 

I am grateful to RRAFA for letting me be a part of its membership
“Painting, gardening, pottery, woodcraft, parenting, cooking--whenever we spend our energy in creative action, art is the result. And it's these creative acts, large and small, that remind us we are ourselves the work of a Creator. Art is sacramental, pointing us toward the Truth present in every atom of Creation.”  (From Rabbitroom.com)


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