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Cameo Townsend - Painting, Mixed Media  




Cameo Townsend
Cameo Townsend - aka Sticks and Dreams - hails from port Angeles, Washington, where she spent most of her life being creative and doing her own type of art work. As a little kid she loved to paint, draw, and just create. Around 2014 cameo stopped because her grandmother and aunt passed away. Then in 2015 cameo had respiratory failure after having her son. She realized she needed to do what she loved. Since then she's pushed herself to create more and learn more. She has struggled with a lot of things in her life, many of which have to do with mental health. Cameos art work tends to show and demonstrate her feelings on strong subjects. "I love to do statement pieces. I feel without a statement no one will ever know you. Also I love galaxies. Galaxies suck you in and make you think on a bigger spectrum.



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