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Aaron P Smith - Painting  




Aaron P Smith I took a pretty serious hiatus from doing any art for almost twenty years because when I was a young man digital art programs seemed to be making artists obsolete. This was my perception, and I wasn’t making enough progress to best the computer art programs I was comparing my work to anyway, I was discouraged. But actually I was progressing and I didn’t realize the talent I had.

I spent twenty years studying Kung Fu and Taiji from age 20 to 36 or so. I don't have the enthusiasm for this that I once had though. I have very little formal  education with art but I have been studying it diligently for the last few years. Between the daily reading and the classes I have been taking here and there I probably have the equivalent of a formal education, maybe even a little more than what I would get in an institution. 

Painting is the new Kung Fu for me. I give it very diligent daily practice and study. I often imagine what my paintings will become in twenty years, and I regret having spent so much of my time with other pursuits...



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