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Oksana Tepp - Painter

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Oksana Tepp

I have been drawing, painting and creating since I was old enough to hold a pencil or brush in my hand. I can’t help myself. I simply MUST draw, paint, craft and create. For me it is therapeutic. It is meditative. And it draws me into a closer relationship with God’s creation and a better understanding of the ultimate creator, Jesus.

In my earlier years I created with pencil and charcoal. Then I moved to pastels and watercolor. Currently I am swimming in oils!  I am fascinated with technique, and I enjoy learning different ways to communicate through my art, which may seem to be all over the map, but is actually my attempt to take a technique in as many different directions as I can.

“All art is an expression of man’s love for God’s creation, not his own.”

- Author unknown -


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