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Mike DeCesare - Photography  



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Mike DeCesare
Photography is my first language. My home is the Pacific Northwest where the rugged, natural beauty and individuality of this region inspired and shaped my photography.

In the field, an image might be shot from a position that provides no margin for error in safety; others can take miles of hiking and hours to reach; and some locations are like time travel to a time and place when a homestead was alive with people and emotion whose traces are not yet gone today. Upon return, I alone process every image to render a final image that interprets the natural world and the bond between nature and people.

Contemporary photography best describes my work, expressed in strong contrasts and rich color. My images tend to result in large prints that can take from hours to months to complete. The end result is a fine art, limited edition print produced in a few sizes to make it possible for virtually anyone to enjoy.

My formal training came at the New York Institute of Photography, and inspiration from photography legends, including Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell.



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