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Deborah Blahuczyn - Painter 

Deborah Blahuczyn painting Deborah Blahuczyn painting Deborah Blahuczyn painting Deborah Blahuczyn painting
Deborah Blahuczyn painting

Deborah Blahuczyn

Photo by Cindy Brumfield

I am past 50 years old and have entered my second childhood. After spending over half my life framing other artists' work, I am finally doing what I have always loved:  drawing, painting and making all manner of things fun and good with my hands.  God is so good and His timing is always perfect!

I love being an artist!  I am filled to overflowing with contentment when I am investing my energies into a new work of art.  Drawing and painting have always been such a sweet harbor of blessing for
me.  It is a place I can be quiet, and like prayer, I often find that I am blessed with God's presence there.  I can't help but praise Him, the Master Artist of us all.  I thank Him profusely for His
workmanship in my life and for molding me into the artist I am becoming.  I am not finished yet, but in the doing is the becoming and so art is what I do while I wait for the completion of His work in me.

People often ask me what my favorite subjects are and I have to say, "Whatever the Lord Jesus inspires me to do."  He knows my heart better than I do and what will capture my imagination, so unless he inspires the work, it will not be established.  I can make plans to paint or draw today but if there is nothing that moves my heart to accomplish it there will nothing worthwhile for anyone in the doing of it.  Not for me, and certainly not for those who may stop and look at my work.  The closer I can get to my own heart in my work, the closer I can get to your heart.  

"Art speaks to and from the soul", is a statement I read in an advertisement for picture framing products.  I have discovered through the years that this statement is true.  Therefore all art is being made for someone, for God, for the artist, for you.

Enjoy to your heart's content all the art you encounter in your life and God bless you in what has been created just for you.  djb

Deborah (djb) Blahuczyn

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