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September 27th Meeting

We had a Greet and Meet which included showing our art to others at the Sept 27 meeting.  Many showed their art from their smart phone.  Dawn Doutre and Joyce Wilkens each had a beautiful, large piece to share.    

Dawn Doutre has done much research on the history of these beautiful horses.  She shared the sad story of how they had been bred to be an excellent horse by the Native Americans and then destroyed under the order of US. Army Col. George Wright (1803-1865).  This was revenge for the defeat of Lt. Col. Edward J. Steptoe in May 1858.   Dawn shared more about this sad event in history.  There are several articles in the Spokesman Review and the Coeur d'Alene Press documenting this event.  (Google "slaughter of horses" or "The day they killed the horses").

Joyce Wilkens is a poet and an artist.  She delighted RRAFA members by showing her painting and then reading the poem that she wrote to go with it.  Since it is all about landmarks in Spokane, everyone could connect.  The poem and a copy of the painting will be in her upcoming illustrated poetry book.

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